Trips: Virginia's Record Snows

Virginia was blasted with three heavy snows this winter of more than 20 inches.  Not bad for an area that averages barely 5 inches total most winters.   While central Virginia does not compare to many areas out west, there were still some wonderful opportunities to capture nature's splendor as it is rarely seen in this part of the country.

beech tree, snow, colonial williamsburg, colonial parkway, virginia, photo

The golden leaves of a beech tree often hang on until midwinter.  Here they glisten in the snow and backlighting. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

red barn, snow, virginia, photo

A red barn stands in contrast to the pastel blue sky and fresh snow. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

cattails, snow, richmond, virginia, photo

These cattails took on a Japanese artistic look in this snow storm. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

cardinal, bird, virginia, snow, photo

The cardinal is Virginias state bird.  But staying warm and finding food was all that was on this cardinals mind this snowy afternoon. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

blue ridge parkway, snow, sunrise, virginia, photo

Hiking even 100 yards with Wyoming's best snowshoes was taxing in the four foot deep snows that buried the Blue Ridge Parkway this early sunrise. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

cardinal, virginia, snow, photo

A female cardinal rests on an old hydrangea branch. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

james river, snow, richmond, virginia, sunrise, photo

Snow and frost combine to make the banks of the James River and enchanted spectacle this early January morning. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.