Grand Teton National Park

In most seasons Moulton Barn, built by Mormon settlers at the turn of the 19th century, is a crowded and trampled iconic scene in the Grand Tetons. I determined this winter to see it at its most inaccessible and simplest state. So after days of heavy snow, I embarked on the nearly one mile trek on snowshoes through unbroken 3-4 foot snow to reach the barn. It was an exhausting walk with occasional falls. Poles brought as an afterthought proved indispensable for balance and also just to get up at times. After more than an hour, I reached the barn. For a long time I just breathed it in, transcended to an earlier time, free of noise and distraction, conflict and sadness. There were only a few moose and wolf prints to be seen. The Tetons were cloaked in heavy clouds. In the silence, it stood. Still. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.