Abstracts And Patterns

Stream Beds
Autumn Teklanika
Aerial Perspective
Denali's Arteries
Merge Point at the Wyoming Hills
Fall in the Polychrome Mountains near Wyoming Hills
Toklat Valley Of Many Hues
Toklat Valley, Between the Mountains
Flowing Waters
Denali's Mosaic
Denali Park Road Carving
Fading Autumn Tundra on Polychrome Pass
Muldrow Glacier
Muldrow Glacial Pool
Denali's Prismatic Pools
Below the Glacier
Autumn Tundra in Denali
Where the Water Begins
Autumn Tributary
A River Runs Through It
Ocean Wave
The End of the World
Missing You
A Special Moment
Ice Melt
Half Dome Reflection
Cattail Snow
Ice Sculpture
First Growth
Emerging Green
Spring Aspen
Oxbow Bend Spring
Spring Palette
Springtime at Oxbow