Trips: San Juan Mountains - September 2008

I made a spontaneous trip to the San Juan mountains after reading from some photography friends that a big snowstorm looked to dump a lot of snow in the higher elevations even as the aspen just reached their prime.  I have wanted for a long time to photograph the aspen here and this sounded like the perfect time.  The first day or two it was dark, windy and cloudy.  On day 3 the storm cleared revealing perhaps some of the most stunning landscapes I have ever seen.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado, CR 7, clearing storm, photo

A clearing storm reveals fall's temporary but exquisite beauty in this valley overlook off of CR 7. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

Trout Lake, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, photo

Sheltered from the wind, Trout Lake is surrounded by snowy peaks and a stunning array of yellows and reds. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.

san juan mountains, autumn, winter storm, last dollar road, photo

A winter storm rolls in signaling the end of autumn's splendor. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.