Shenandoah National Park

Driving into the Storm
Skyland Resort Entrance in WInter
A View of Stony Man Mountain
A Beautiful Drive
Skyline Drive Masterpiece
Pinnacles Picnic in Winter
Reaching to the Heavens
A Perfect Place for a Stroll With Your Daughter
No Better Place
A View of Stony Man Mountain II
Winter Solitude on Skyline Drive
Lean on Me
Winter Silence
Stony Man Mountain Panorama in WInter
Stony Man Spectacle
Turks in the Sky
Wildflower Display
Skyline Drive WIldlflowers
Butterfly on Turks Cap
Summer Sunset on a Flower Filled Overlook
A Florist's Display
A Wilflower Drive
As Sweet Smelling
A Carpet of Wildflowers
Tiger on Thistle
Swallowtail on Milkweed
Turks Cap Clump
Orange and Blue
In Search of Nectar
On Top of a Thistle Widlflower
Skyline Drive I
Sunrise After the Storm
Snowy Encounter
Time for a Picnic