Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A collection of photographs of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was in this Park where I first fell in love with greater things. It is here that I took my first pictures with a Kodak instamatic some 40 years ago and where I have returned every year since.

Dawn's Arrival
Cades Cove Storm
Cades Cove Tree
Rainy Loop Road
Cades Cove Undergrowth
Little River Impression
Little River Ripples Impression
Newfound Gap, Spring
Loop Road Mystery
Cades Cove Summer
Newfound Gap Dawn
Setting Moon
Setting Moon Above Newfound Gap
Newfound Gap Calm
Newfound Gap Ridges
Andrews Bald
White Rhododendron
Cades Cove Stream
Rhododendrons and Stream
Fern and Stream
Cades Cove Coyote
Newfound Gap Pastels
Smoky Mountain Ridgelines
Mortons Overlook Sunrise
Smoky Mountain Dawn
Hiding Buck
Cascade on the West Prong
West Prong Ripple
Converging Cascades
Cades Cove Morning Fog
Storm on the Horizon
Cades Cove Black Bear Sow
Cades Cove Black Bear Sow II
Baby Cubs at Play
Black Bear Encounter
Chimneys Cub
Wildflower Carpet
Smoky Mountain Autumn Drive
Golden View at Carlos Campbell Overlook
Chimney Tops Viewpoint
Maloney Overlook
Autumn on the West Prong
Autumn Cascade
Autumn Cascade on the West Prong
Tremont Fall Stream
Roaring Fork Fall Stream
Roaring Fork Autumn Stream
Campbell Overlook, Before the Fires
Mount Leconte Fall
Last Light in Cades Cove
Smoky Mountain Flow
Leaf in a Fall Stream
Autumn at the Chimneys
Autumn Spectacle at Campbell Overlook
Smoky Mountain Fall Overlook
Clouds Over Mount Leconte
Fall Feeding
Pastel Pink
Climbing Cubs
Newfound Gap Road
Greens Green Apogee
Roaring Fork Spring
Little River Spring
Loop Road at Sunrise
A Gentle Hill
Holding Up
Mill Cabin
Hay Field
Dusk at Morton Overlook
Smoky Mountain Sunset
Below Clingman's Dome
Bear on Log
Autumn Overlook, 2016
Autumn Forest
Bud Ogle Cabin
Autumn Reflections
Autumn Drive, Roaring Fork
Pine Leaf Catcher
Autumn Drive, Great Smoky Mountains, 2016
Autumn Drive II, GSMNP
Sparks Lane, Autumn 2016
Autumn Church
Sparks Lane II, Autumn 2016
The Mill
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Cades Cove Autumn Drive
Autumn Bear
Black Bear Partners
Autumn Stream, 2016
Autumn Stream Reflections
A Place to Share with A Friend
Autumn Overlook, 2016
Autumn Ridge, Great Smoky Mountains
Deep Creek Autumn View
Autumn Understory, Great Smoky Mountains
Green Reflections
Above the Highway
Reflections 2016 I
Reflections II 2016
Reflections III 2016
Reflections IV, 2016
Reflectons V, 2016
Sleeping Cub
A View From Above
Time To Eat Some Cherries
Bear Cub in Cherry Tree
High in a Cherry Tree
Bear Cub in Cherry Tree, 2013
Bear Silhouette