Trips: Escape To The Great Smoky Mountains 2020

trillium gap trail, hike, , photo

Trillium Gap Trail Steps

trillium gap trail, hike, photo

The hike up Trillium Gap Trail leads to Grotto Falls and, miles further, the peaks of Mount Leconte. In spring it is a walk through the lush exuberance of the Great Smoky Mountains.

grotto falls, spring , photo

Grotto Falls

grotto falls, spring , photo

Grotto Falls is one of the more beautiful waterfalls in the Great Smoky Mountains, particularly after heavy spring rain.

grotto falls, photo

The trail to Grotto Falls passes behind the Falls, especially welcome on hot humid days.

grotto falls, photo

Grotto Falls sits in a beautiful ravine, surrounding by lush growth and stone cliffs.

cades cove, drive, road, spring, impression, abstract , photo

Springtime Impression, Cades Cove Drive

spring, roaring fork, stream , photo

Springtime along the Roaring Fork

roaring fork, moss, spring , photo

Moss - covered boulders grace the waters of Roaring Fork.

roaring fork, photo

Quiet getaway along the Roaring Fork. Nestled not far from the craziness of Gatlinburg, Roaring Fork is spectacular with spring's moss-covered streams and fall's colors.

cades cove, spring, photo

Rays of light break through the arriving storm clouds in Cades Cove.

wildflower, cades cove, photo

Springtime flower in Cades Cove

wildflower, daisy, cades cove, photo

Spring Daisies

black bear, cades cove, photo

A black bear chews on grasses and flowers near one of the old homesteads that dot Cades Cove.

black bears, cub, cades cove , photo

A black bear and one of her two year old cubs look up from a meal of grasses and roots.

black bear, tree, cades cove , photo

After awaking, this black bear mom slowly stretches, yawns and seems to orient herself. In reality, she is keenly aware of everything going around her and, especially, her three cubs sleeping above.

black bear, tree, cades cove , photo

After awaking from her nap, this large black bear makes her way toward her three young cubs still sleeping above her in this tree deep in the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains.

cades cove, spring, fog, , photo

Fog hovers above the end of the Cades Cove valley.

black bear, cades cove, photo

A black bear licks his chops and takes a quick peak from her breakfast feeding.

black bear, cubs, , photo

A mother black bear escorts her three young baby cubs down from this tall oak tree when they have spent the night sleeping.

black bear, sow, , photo

A sow black bear waits at the tree's base as her cubs slowly make their way down.

black bear, cub, tree , photo

A young cub seems plastered to this tree trunk, as he uses his sharp nails for a secure grip as he its slowly backs down this tree.

black bear, cubs, tree, cades cove , photo

Mom peers between two trees as her cubs scamper down from above.

black bear, cubs, , photo

Like a scene from a movie, this large black bear stands watch with her cubs nearby.

black bear, cub , photo

A bear cub with a bright blaze on her chest stands in a grassy meadow in search of mom.

black bear, cub, tree, photo


rhododendron, laurel, photo

Rhododenrons and Laurels atop the a high ridge in the Great Smoky Mountains.

black bear, photo

A large black sow emerges cautiously from the forest's edge.

Hyatt lane, cades cove, fog, photo

Heavy fog shrouds Hyatt Lane and the Cades Cove valley.