Trips: Tetons Fall 2019

Fall is always spectacular in the Tetons as falls colors race to beat the early snows that often fall in late September and early October. On cloudless nights, new perspective is gained as the milky way stretches as far as the eye can see.

grizzly, bear, blondie, cubs, photo

A grizzly bear, Blondie, leads her two cubs down the road. In the Grand Tetons you never know whom or what you might have to share the road with.

panorama, oxbow bend, autumn, photo

Autumn Sunrise on Oxbow Bend 2019

panorama, oxbow bend, autumn, photo

The aspen are peaking around the still waters of the Snake RIver at Oxbow Bend. Light night brought fresh snow to Mount Moran.

panorama, oxbow bend, autumn, photo

Autumn sunrise at Oxbow Bend with the aspen peaking and fresh snow on Mount Moran make for a magical morning to remember.

autumn, foliage, photo

Aspen Fire

moulton barn, autumn, photo

Leaves from the nearby cottonwood blow across the field in front of the Moulton Barn.

signal mountain, autumn, oxbow bend, photo

A climb up a steep nearby ridge affords a stunning view of the changing aspen around Oxbow Bend, as the snow begins to fall in the distance by Signal Mountain.

aspen, foliage, autumn, photo

The musty smell of autumn leaves complements the spectacular contrast of glowing aspen and bluebird skies.

miky way, autumn, photo

As vast as the Teton range and surrounding valley feel in daytime a whole new perspective emerges under the milky way.

schwabacher landing, autumn, photo

Freshly coated in a late fall snow, the Teton range and cottonwoods reflect in the still waters of this beaver pond near Schwabacher's Landing..

schwabacher landing, autumn, photo

The Teton range, coated in a fresh snow, and the nearby aspen reflect in the still waters near Schwabacher's Landing.

milky way, moulton barn, autumn, photo

The milky way rises above the Moulton Barn, built more than a century ago, by settling Mormons.

milky way, autumn, moulton barn, photo

A starry night above the Moulton Barn.

autumn, snow, foliage, photo

A snow squall blows through the cottonwoods near Oxbow Bend.

autumn, field, storm, photo

Autumn gives gives way quickly to winter as a winter storm approaches on the wind.

string lake, reflection, autumn, photo

The blueberry bushes around String Lake have turned red in the cool nights of autumn. But winter is not far and the first snows have begun to reach the higher regions of the Teton range.

willow flat, autumn, sunrise, photo

Willow Flats provides rich habitat for moose, elk and bear. The night have turned cold and the flats have turned a rich tapestry of red and gold.

string lake, reflection, autumn, photo

In the perfect stillness of morning, String Lake mirrors the newly coated Teton range, even as pockets of aspen hold on to their final golden leaves.

string lake, reflection, autumn, photo

String Lake Reflection, Autumn 2019

elk, bugle, photo

A bull elk bugles his love for a nearby pair of cow elk.

grizzly, bear, blondie, cubs, autumn, photo

Blondie leads her two grizzly cubs around this lilly pond in late fall 2019.

aspen, storm, autumn, photo

A winter storm gathers force just beyond the ridge where these aspen give final hold to their golden treasure.

oxbow bend, sunrise, autumn, fog, photo

Fog rises above Jackson Lake as geese and other waterfowl float serenely on Obow Bend against a backdrop of golden aspen and Mount Moran.

sunrise, oxbow bend, aspen, autumn, photo

Perfect serenity at Oxbow Bend, a time for healing, and a place to reconnect.

panorama, oxbow bend, autumn, photo

One of the most glorious spectacles in our national park system, autumn at Oxbow Bend.

elk ranch flat, horse, autumn, photo

Autumn on Elk Ranch Flats

trees, foliage, snow, autumn, aspen, photo

A dusting of snow provides a final piece of jewelry to the golden aspen and cottonwoods.

trees, autumn, snow, foliage, aspen, photo

Texture and Tapestry

aspen, pine, foliage, autumn, snow, photo

Fall gives way to winter as a squall of snow blows through.

trees, autumn, foliage. snow, photo

As autumn's colors peak in late September 2019, a squall of snow blows in, reminding that winter is just days away.

trees, snow, autumn, foliage, photo

Autumn's colors are always fleeting, especially in the Grand Tetons, where winter's snows are on the wind.

cottonwood, foliage, autumn, photo

Cottonwoods glow a brilliant gold, accented by the backlight of the fading sun.