Trips: Tetons June 2017

The Tetons have become a special place to witness our landscape's great wildlife, especially grizzly bears and other large animals in the wild.  In many respects, I now enjoy the Tetons wildlife scene more than Yellowstone which has unfortunately become so overcrowded.  All of this is possible only because of keen preservation, something never to be taken for granted.  

Grand Teton Range and Moon
Teton Panorama Sunrise and Moonset
A Blue Moon
Blue Moon Canvas
Setting Blue Moon
Teton Wildlowers
Signal Mountain Fog
Teton Rainbow
Window on Tetons
Passing Storm
Revealing the Peaks
Grand Emergence
Blondie in a June Meadow 2017
Blondie and Cubs in a June Meadow
Summer Morning in the Meadow
Grizzly Bear Play
Blondie and Two Cubs in a June Meadow
Grizzly Bear Play
Mom is Bigger
Pilgrim Creek Play
Don't Pet Me
Balsamroot at Oxbow Bend
Bison Pause
Woodland Retreat
Balance Beam Routine
Hungry Moose
Summer Snow
Grizzly 399 and Cubs
Climbing Cubs
Scratching Grizzly Cubs
Grizzly 399 By a Log