Yellowstone National Park

A collection of Yellowstone National Park photographs

What Must They Have Thought?
Artist's Point
Inspiration for a Park
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
The Upper Falls
Family Time
Lamar's Layers
The Crossing
Red Dog
Learning From Mom
Yellowstone Spring Cottonwoods
A Small Parade
Pebble Creek Bear
On the Ridge
Fishing Heron
Mud Pots
Riding the Rapids
Harlequin Paddle
Sundown On Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone Lake
The Lake's Edge
On the Drive
Hayden Valley - After the Storm
Hayden Valley Vista
Mount Washburn, 2023
America's Serengeti
Where the Bison Roam
For Miles and Miles
Over the River
Lamar River Trail
The Lamar Valley
The Lamar Valley II
Springtime in the Lamar