In Memory, September 26, 2014   Shenandoah National Park

These have been sad, trying days for many here in central Virginia as we pray for yet another beautiful young co-ed who was abducted near UVA two weeks ago. As a graduate of UVA and a father of daughters on campuses I cannot imaging how a father, a mom, a friend or roommate makes it through a night with such fear and uncertainty. And as I often do when buffeted by such emotions, I made my way into Shenandoah NP as fog and rain hovered just above Big Meadows resplendent in her early fall colors. I was alone and tried to make sense of a world of such exquisite beauty and softness, and searing pain. And I said a prayer for Hannah and all those who love her and who have worked tirelessly for 2 weeks to find her and bring her home. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.