Kenai Fjords National Park And Chugach National Forest

Moody shrouds of fog and clouds drape most days over the mountains that fall into the ocean on the west coast of Alaska, with countless glaciers hanging from the highest mountains.  Global warming is melting these glaciers at a startling rate and it is not hard to foresee that in the near future many of these glaciers may well disappear.  

Above Pedersen Lagoon
Aialik Glacier
Pedersen Lagoon Solitude
Portage Glacier Retreat
Portage Valley View
Seward Harbor
Portage Lake Reflections
Portage Lake
Turnagain Sunset
Turnagain Arm Tranquility
Humpback Whale
Bear Glacier
Steller Sea Lions
Tropical Alaska
Harbor Seal
Pedersen Glacier
Moody Shores
Holgate Glacier
Holgate Glacier Perspective
Holgate Glacier Detail
Holgate Glacier III
Holgate Glacier II
Holgate Glacier I
A Nice Place to Fish
Portage Lake II
Portage Lake Panorama
Train Passing
Sunrise Across Turnagain Arm
The Departure
Aialik Bay
Pedersen Lagoon