As I watch the grizzly bear Blondie and her two cubs meander toward me I am struck. There is only me and a ranger in this remote region of Grand Teton National Park. We watch together in silent awe. But as they approach we see from the corner of our eye, Grizzly 399 and her two subadult cubs begin to give chase. Blondie may be 399's cub, but neither wants the other around. In a flash, 399 has given full chase and the 6 bears race like thoroughbreds across the parking area toward the two of us. There is little time. I have my truck and the ranger and I race into the vehicle as the 6 grizzlies sprint by. It all happens in a second. But the memory of diving into the vehicle and these beautiful bears sprinting by in a flash is one I will never forget. Photo © copyright by Ed Fuhr.