Grand Teton National Park

First Light
Milky Way Perspective
Schwabacher Light
Oxbow Bend Still at Noon
A Place to Nuzzle
Aspen and Pine
Rare Red Aspen
Not Big Enough
Pride of the Cottonwoods
Starry Night
A Dry Autumn at Moulton Barn
Evening Light
Teton Passage
Teton Rainbow
Autumn's Arrival
A Green Pine in Yellow Aspen
Fall's Understory Patterns
Aspen Trunk
Grizzly 780 is Off
Grizzly 760 II
Grizzly Stare
Two Autumn Bison
760 II
760 Approach
Willow Grove
Grizzly Walk
Moose Pond
Autumn Textures
Coyote Pup Play
Winter Morning at Schwabachers Landing
Dusky Reflections
Winter Sunrise In Search of Snow