Grand Teton National Park

Frigid Sunrise II, 2007
Moulton Barn Sunrise II, 2007
Moulton Barn Sunrise, Panorama, 2007
Tetons Fire on the Mountain
On the Way to Dinner
Wolf Tracks to Moulton Barn
Wolf tracks in the snow, a clear winter morning and Moulton Barn stands in the snow.
Tetons, Grand Teton, 2007
Running Elk I
Running Elk II
On the Road Again
Oxbow Bend Autumn Sunrise
Aspen Peak, Oxbow Bend, 2019
Autumn Sunrise, 2019
Fiery Understory
Autumn at Mormon Row
Higher Perspective
Bluebird Skies
Milky Perspective
Autumn Cottonwoods
Autumn at Schwabachers
Moulton Barn Under the Stars
Starry Night
Approaching First Storm
String Lake in Autumn
Willow Flats Before Sunrise
String Lake Mirror, 2019
Hear My Bugle
Blondie and Cubs, 2019
On the Wind
Rising Fog, Oxbow Panorama
Autumn Panorama at Oxbow Bend 2019
Horse Country