Grand Teton National Park

Frosted Cottonwoods
Black and White Cottonwoods
Wintry Cottonwood
Winter on the Snake River
Winter Pasture at Sunrise
Otter Retreat
Open Water
A Family of Otters
Snow Muzzle
A Moose Kiss
Trout for Lunch
A Cold Nose
Playing Otters
Otter Fun
Winter Raspberry
Red Fox on the Trail
Winter Elk Herd
The Tip
Winter Silhouette at the Gros Ventre
Moulton Barn Sunrise
Elk on Ridge
Winter Bison Herd
Summer Moose
Watchful Elk
Nursing Elk
Grizzly Cubs at Play
A Tip of Light on Moran
Butting Rams
Early Winter Light at Snake River Overlook
Snake River Overlook at Winter Sunrise
Tetons, Grand Teton
Tetons, Grand Teton
Tetons, Grand Teton
Golden Grand Teton