Grand Teton National Park

The Peaks, 2016
Cottonwood Winter
Baby It's Cold Outside
Three Bison On a Walk
Across the Frozen River
Not Too Old
Red Fox Focus
Red Fox Saunter
Red Fox Hunt
Red Fox Pose
Wolves on the Trail
We Made It
Snake River I
Snake River II
Snake River III
Grand Teton Range and Moon
Teton Panorama Sunrise and Moonset
A Blue Moon
Blue Moon Canvas
Setting Blue Moon
Teton Wildlowers
Signal Mountain Fog
Window on Tetons
Passing Storm
Revealing the Peaks
Grand Emergence
Blondie in a June Meadow 2017
Blondie and Cubs in a June Meadow
Summer Morning in the Meadow
Grizzly Bear Play
Blondie and Two Cubs in a June Meadow
Grizzly Bear Play